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2018: Seattle Sounds concert series

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2018: Seattle Sounds concert series

Thursdays in July & August:   6:30pm — 8:00pm

Chihuly Garden and Glass, in partnership with KEXP, will host live performances in the exhibition’s outdoor Art Plaza every Thursday from 6:30 to 8PM. 


Enjoy your summer evenings with a glass of wine amid Dale Chihuly’s colorful inspirations starting July 19th through August 30th. 


July 19, 2018                      Tomo Nakayama
July 26, 2018                      Little Spirits
August 02, 2018                Warren Dunes Featuring Julia Massey
August 09, 2018                Tekla Waterfield
August 16, 2018                Shelby Earl
August 23, 2018                Naomi Wachira
August 30, 2018                Kris Orlowski


All performances are included in the price of admission. In addition to great music, guests can enjoy a light bite and a selection of local beverages served in the Art Plaza café. 


Programs at Chihuly Garden and Glass
Dale Chihuly pushes boundaries to express his vision. He creates things we’ve never seen before, and has changed the way we think about art. A walk through the Galleries, the Garden and into the Glasshouse is an immersive experience that sparks wonder and inspiration. Through programming, Chihuly Garden and Glass is offering innovative ways to experience the color, inventiveness and scale in Chihuly’s art.



About the line up

July 19, 2018                      
Tomo Nakayama

Named "Best Folk Act 2017" by Seattle Weekly, Tomo Nakayama has consistently created music that is complex, nuanced, and emotionally compelling. His decade of work both as a solo artist and as frontman in his chamber-pop band Grand Hallway has been praised by NPR, New York Times, and KEXP. Known for his crystalline high-tenor voice, intricate fingerpicking, cinematic production style, and simple, poetic lyrics imbued with warmth and humanity, Tomo’s songs have drawn comparisons to Paul Simon, Elliott Smith, and Jeff Buckley.


July 26, 2018                     
Little Spirits

Little Spirits is a psychapocaliptic folk collaboration from Star Anna and Robert Roth, both intertwined in Seattle’s music scene and history. They combine their compatible strangeness into an atmospheric spiral, grounded by acoustic guitars and elevated by the cosmic merging of two distinctly unique voices.


August 02, 2018               
Warren Dunes Featuring Julia Massey

Warren Dunes formed one morning when singer Julia Massey turned to her husband, the rock band front man for Electric NoNo, Jared Cortese, and said, “It’s time.” Massey, the longtime frontwoman for Julia Massey and the Five Finger Discount, is known for her sweet falsettos and childlike buoyancy. Cortese, who writes intricate electric guitar-based songs, turned to his wife and said, “I think you’re right.”
The musical power couple is backed by the marvel known as Dominic Cortese on drums. Dominic has played with Julia and Jared for years in their prior projects and with many others in the Seattle music scene. Now, the trio has formed like a sonic Voltron to play joyous, dance-worthy music to assist listeners in these politically tumultuous times.


August 09, 2018               
Tekla Waterfield

Seattle based singer/songwriter Tekla Waterfield lives in the wide-open realm of Americana Roots music, incorporating elements of folk, country, indie, Americana, rhythm and blues, and soul. 
Having spent many of her formative years as a soprano in chamber choirs, and an alto in a college jazz ensemble, Tekla's vocals are at once smooth and angelic; emotive and raw.  Her songwriting explores the dichotomies that exist between serious and fun, playful and sweet, light and dark, dipping around between the contrasting moods to create a diverse and rich sound.  Her song structure influences come from many wonderful song composers including: The Velvet Underground, Gillian Welch, War On Drugs, The Cowboy Junkies, Wilco, Courtney Barnett, Frazey Ford, Bill Withers and more.
Her songs have been featured in multiple independent films, have received praise and radio play on KBCS, KSER, Seamonster Radio, Word On the Street Podcast, Seattle Growth Podcast, and her new release, The Curtain Falls, has recently been added to rotation on KEXP.  


August 16, 2018               
Shelby Earl

"Shelby Earl’s first two albums earned the kind of raves any musician would kill for. Upon hearing her 2011 debut, Burn the Boats, NPR’s Ann Powers called Earl her “new favorite songwriter,” and she wasn’t alone. Accolades followed from Rolling Stone to the Wall Street Journal and a million music publications in between that positioned her somewhere to the left of Neko Case, a few blocks from Sharon Van Etten, catercorner to Angel Olsen. She toured everywhere, playing with the likes of Loudon Wainwright, Rhett Miller, and Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, who spoke for many people when he said Earl had “the most heartbreakingly beautiful voice in Seattle.” 2017 saw the release of Earl's third, and most accomplished record to date, The Man Who Made Himself a Name." - Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger / The Stranger)


August 23, 2018               
Naomi Wachira

Seattle singer-songwriter Naomi Wachira was born in Kenya and grew up singing gospel music in a choir of family and friends. Inspired by the music of Tracy Chapman and Miriam Makeba, Wachira saw the potential for song to make the world a better place and set out to create music that is “poignant, hopeful and life-giving.” Since her arrival on the Northwest music scene, she has received numerous accolades, including being named “Best Folk Artist” by Seattle Weekly, and has cultivated a growing base of enthusiastic fans. She has released three recordings to date–“African Girl” (2012), “Naomi Wachira” (2014) and “I am Because You Are” (2015)–and her fourth album “Song of Lament” was released in June 2017.


August 30, 2018               
Kris Orlowski

Seattle-based singer/songwriter Kris Orlowski, continues to explore the themes of authenticity, loss, and a search for connection that has always been central to his songwriting. His meditative, melodic dream pop, shaded with flecks of alt-country and soft rock, push past the earnest Pacific Northwest indie folk to something distinctly American and positively timeless.

"Do Not Miss"

Thought we were killing an hour but was the highlight of our day. No photographs could do it justice. We are seasoned travelers and one of the best exhibits I have ever seen.


Reviewed October 29, 2015 on TripAdvisor


Visit during the evening and you'll be delighted by the garden spectacle. Chihuly's glass sculptures come alive through the vibrant showcase amongst nature - its best context! A feast for your eyes and imagination.


Reviewed October 29, 2015 on TripAdvisor

"A must when visiting Seattle!"

This exhibit is absolutely amazing! I have visited Seattle many times and this was my first visit to Chihuly and I cannot believe it took me so long! The glass is breathtaking and each piece is beautiful and unique. I HIGHLY recommend visiting when your in the city.


Reviewed October 29, 2015 on TripAdvisor


What a wonderful exhibit! This was a total surprise to me and it was a visit to remember. Each exhibit was breath taking and fortunately there is a series of short films explaining the process. To my mind this is a must see in Seattle.


Reviewed June 2, 2015 on TripAdvisor

"Amazing. Go here."

Amazing art, great venue- great setting. Flawless. Don't miss this place. Went with a 3 year old and she was even impressed. Amongst lots of Seattle tourist destinations- easy to get to. Seriously, go here!


Reviewed May 4, 2015 on TripAdvisor

"A wonderful treasure"

Photos cannot do this exhibition justice. As I wandered from room to room my reaction was a continual WOW. Then to head out into the Garden and see Glass sculptures matching the flower gardens - that was beautiful. If I had more time in Seattle, I would have loved to have visited again.


Reviewed May 4, 2015 on TripAdvisor

"Don't miss it!"

An amazing and beautiful exhibition of craft glass. I'm not usually impressed by this sort of stuff but the scale, variety and lighting of these very elegant glass sculptures is amazing. The gardens, with glass and flowers contrasting and blending, are also very relaxing - if it wasn't for the traditional Seattle drizzle!


Reviewed May 4, 2015 on TripAdvisor

"Beautiful, peaceful and one of a kind..."

A great way to spend a couple of hours. Take your time strolling through the museum. Part of the museum is a theater with several short films about Chihuly - take the time to watch them, they are interesting. Take plenty of pics, some of the most beautiful colors! Also great is the fact that you can buy your ticket via a kiosk outside, will save you tons of time. You can also buy a joint ticket for the space needle and the museum. One fun tip: in the garden in the afternoon there is a blue glass ball that has a beautiful reflection of the space needle. it is one of my favorite pictures from my trip to Seattle.


Reviewed May 4, 2015 on TripAdvisor

"Glass at it's Very Finest"

You will find no other display of glass works as plentiful and as beautifully mastered as Seattle's Chihuly Garden and Glass. Whether you have ever blown glass or not, you will be left amazed.


Reviewed May 3, 2015 on TripAdvisor

"Moved me to tears"

I am not an artistic person, but I did connect with the display at this museum. The presentations of Native American art was small but well displayed. I love to garden and the use of glass outside as a natural drop was creative and spectacular.


Reviewed May 3, 2015 on TripAdvisor


If you are not familiar with Chihuly, you will be amazed. Wide variety of works representing his artistry over the years. The outdoor gardens are spectacular, and if you are observant, you will find glass orbs with the Space Needle reflected in them!


Reviewed May 2, 2015 on TripAdvisor